Vireum provides artificial intelligence (AI) consulting, digitalization and remote healthcare solutions.

Digitalization services for your business needs

Vireum offers digitalization as a complete service. We start with an evaluation of your current business digital maturity level and proceed to provide ready-made digital solutions or, alternatively, implement the solutions as project work. The solutions are implemented with an agile development model. We implement the solutions quickly and very cost-effectively. We also offer communication services, intelligent home solutions, machine vision applications, artificial intelligence algorithms, analytics services, integrations, e-shops and complete information systems with data transmission interfaces. Vireum Oy's personnel have decades of experience and numerous contributions in successful project implementations, especially in the healthcare, energy, and environment sectors.
Artificial Intelligence solutions and consulting

There is already Artificial Intelligence (AI) in all areas of the industry and if you are not involved in the development, the competitors will overtake you! But hey, no worries, Vireum’s Artificial Intelligence experts provide your company with a free digital survey that finds out the level of digitalization of your company, as well as where to use artificial intelligence and opportunities to make your business more efficient. We can, of course, implement a small prototype utilizing artificial intelligence as well as a large entity to modernize the company’s operations.


Healthcare software development is not quite the same as implementing a “hello world” application. It requires experience and knowledge of the industry, usability, interfaces, regulations, and customers to implement a program or information system suitable for proper patient use. Vireum has access to experienced experts in all these areas for healthcare application development. Here, too, we make small Demos as well as complete information systems and, if necessary, enhanced with artificial intelligence. Contact us and we will tell you more and we can do a free digital survey.


Especially in the current situation, your customers will definitely want to use their business services anywhere and anytime, but without remote connections it is quite difficult. With the help of Vireum reception service, your company’s services are always present in your customer’s everyday life. With Vireum, you get digital services for you and your customers immediately and surely at a competitive price. The service can be completely tailored to the needs of your company and connect various data resources, comprehensive analytics and, of course, artificial intelligence. And hey, this service also works for industries other than healthcare.


Machine vision solutions bring significant benefits to the company’s business, and the various applications of machine vision are widely available in almost all industries. Vireum’s personnel have implemented applications based on machine vision and artificial intelligence, e.g. industrial process control, 3D modeling, character recognition, medical imaging and more. Contact us so our experts can present your project expertise in the field of machine vision to your company.

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Vireum Healthcare

Vireum remote reception service includes several features that support nursing and communication with your customers.
  • Video calls and chat for easy communication with your customers and colleagues

  • Appointment Calendar which allows your customers to book a remote reception or consultation

  • Patient surveys, reminders, documents and treatment guidelines to support your clients' care and customer activation

  • Vireum mobile apps that your customers and employees can use for care monitoring and customer communication

  • Vireum also offers a tailor-made and easy to use terminal for real-time communication between the customers and the nursing staffs

vireum team

Healthcare digitalization professionals
Antti Väänänen
Antti Väänänen
I started my ICT career at GE Healthcare, where I worked for 10 years. From GE I moved to the university for research assignments and in 2014 I collaborated with my research associates to start SenSoftia Oy. Vireum was established at the end of 2017 to commercialize the Vireum service platform. I attach great importance to the provision of high-quality communication services through the Vireum service platform, which is useful for patients and treatment processes.
Taha Nakabi
Taha Nakabi
AI and Data Analytics Architect.
Taha has an FM in Computer Science and is almost ready for a PhD in Smart Grids and Artificial Intelligence Technology. He has solid experience as a Python developer e.g. in Societe Generale ATS. He also has experience in e.g. digitization consulting. In addition, he has several years of research experience, e.g. AI applications in power networks . He is also a shareholder in Vireum Oy.
Mazhar Mohsin
Mazhar Mohsin
Machine Vision Architect
He has MS degree in Computer Science specialised in machine vision. He is currently doing PhD from University of Eastern Finland and also working as project planner at DigiCenter UEF. Previously he has worked as a lecturer in University of Turbat and also worked as software developer in many companies. He has worked on several machine vision projects including government funded project for Transportation ministry and currently working on several machine vision projects for industrial quality control and healthcare. Partner in Vireum.

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