Vireum video chat and remote reception as a service platform enables fast and easy connections to customers.

Free yourself from rush and let Vireum make your work more efficient

Vireum platform provides more efficient healthcare services to lager number of customers. We offer the Vireum service platform as an enterprise use with fixed monthly fee based on the number of professional users, regardless of the number of customers. Vireum's versatile services such as mobile applications, video calling, and remote reception for healthcare and home care are immediately available to you and your clients when you sign up. Start with our free trial and find out the benefits of the service in support of quality reception.

The urgency arises from rush one place to another from a full-featured tool calendar and from urgent contacts. With Vireum, you keep contact with customers regardless of time and place and reduce work stress.


Do the routines repeat much of your time? Provide routine inquiries, surveys, instructions, and answering the most commonly asked questions to Vireum. You save your own valuable time for more productive work.

Remotely care at your service

Your clients want to use their health services anywhere and anytime. The digital services that are used for smartphones are already naturally present in your customers’ everyday lives, so it is a good idea to take over that channel. With Vireum, you get the digital services for you and your customers immediately and inexpensively.


Free your activity from the limitations of the reception or office space. Vireum allows you to use the services from anywhere. With Vireum, your business can serve your customers both in Finland and worldwide.

Ota meihin yhteyttä, niin kokeillaan miten Vireum voi tehostaa sinun yhteydenpitoa asiakkaisiisi


Vireum includes several features that support nursing and communication with your customers
  • Video calls and chat for easy communication with your customers and colleagues

  • Appointment Calendar which allows your customers to book a remote reception or consultation

  • Patient surveys, reminders, documents and treatment guidelines to support your clients' care and customer activation

  • Vireum mobile apps that your customers and employees can use for care monitoring and customer communication

  • Vireum also offers a tailor-made and easy to use terminal for real-time communication between the customers and the nursing staffs


Vireum Pro

Pro offers care organization services for healthcare communication and customer management

1 €

/ event
  • Web and mobile applications for staff and clients
  • Unlimited number of customers. video calls, group video calls and chat
  • Appointments and calendar management
  • Care instructions. video-instructions, customer invitation
  • Individual folder for the customer for images, videos and care instructions
  • Secure file transfer between customer and staff
  • Measurements taken at home
  • User management of the customers and nursing staff
  • Customers invitation
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Vireum PaaS

PaaS model provides platform tailored as an enterprise own patient communication and remote appointment system

From 500€

  • Includes all Pro version features as well as:
  • 3rd party applications embedded in the Vireum application view
  • 3rd parties service use by One Login (SSO)
  • Collection of measurement data directly from measuring devices
  • Integration into the organization's own customer information system
  • Omakanta integration
  • Customize the service appearance to match your organization
  • Intergration to the patient information system
  • Quick appointments reservation & reservation pool
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Vireum Home

Simpe and safe tablet PC for easy communication between the customer and the nursing staff or customers relatives

75 €

  • Remotely controlled custom 10-inch tablet
  • Vireum Home application for tablet
  • Table stand for firm and stable fixing of the tablet
  • 3G internet access to tablet
  • Home service training for staff
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vireum team

Healthcare digitalization professionals
Antti Väänänen
Antti Väänänen
+358 44 285 1525
I started my ICT career at GE Healthcare, where I worked for 10 years. From GE I moved to the university for research assignments and in 2014 I collaborated with my research associates to start SenSoftia Oy. Vireum was established at the end of 2017 to commercialize the Vireum service platform. I attach great importance to the provision of high-quality communication services through the Vireum service platform, which is useful for patients and treatment processes.

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